The Dream

Caution:  Parents may want to preview before allowing minors to read this post.

It was probably the second worst dream I’ve had in my life.

I’ll back up a little.  A few months ago I was watching some Christian movie trailers with my children, to see if we wanted to rent something to watch.  There was one about a teen with Down Syndrome, and her struggles with being accepted in high school.  I could barely watch the trailer, much less even think about renting the movie.  The visuals of someone being mocked like that just hit too close to home for me right now.  But it was soon forgotten in the busy evening with many energetic children. :o)

Then came the dream.  I was entering a large house or residential building where I felt instant tension.  Many sad, but “practical” parents were making a serious decision.  A decision to end the life of their young adult child, all of whom had Down Syndrome.  It was horrible.  But they were intelligent, logical people and making the best decision, they seemed to tell me.  One by one the parents led them upstairs, and to the end of their lives.  Then I noticed the siblings.  Weeping, terrified siblings who loved their brother or sister, begging for their parents to change their minds.  But it was not to be, in this dream anyway.

When I awoke, I thought “What an awful dream!  Why would I dream that?”  Then I remembered the movie trailer.  Even though it seemed to have a positive ending and promote acceptance of people with T21, it must have triggered the dream.

Later I realized that’s just how it is in real life!  “Intelligent,” practical parents making what they think is the best decision, BUT siblings who all want their brother or sister to live, and don’t care how many chromosomes they have.

That’s it.  I don’t know if God gave me the dream for a purpose or not, but…

here is a link to an online documentary/interview about abortion.  It is verbally graphic, but to make a point to help people see the truth.  (Please preview before showing it to children, though.)

To God be the glory,


Family/Isaac update:  Well, I certainly haven’t posted once a month like I originally planned – I can’t believe it’s almost May!  Just busy raising children, and it’s worth it!  My 6-year-old said the other month, “I want another baby like Isaac; I want another baby with Down Syndrome.”  Sooo sweet and precious to hear.  They all adore him, and I have to ask them to put him down sometimes so he can progress physically. :o)  We got him on the thyroid (Nature Throid, then Liothyronine, too, when that didn’t kick in the energy level alone), but after 4 months we still didn’t see much more energy.  I finally got his iron up, and use quite a few other natural things recommended for thyroid, and the energy finally came in March, after weaning him off the meds.  I had started him on the GAPS diet (gut-brain connection) in Jan., along with his brother who has learning challenges, so that may have played a part.  I’m just glad he’s energetic now and not on meds.!

In March I attended the The Family Hope Center’s “How to Help Your Child with Special Needs” 3-day course in PA (similar to the neurodevelopmental program we were already doing, only more intense).  It was excellent, and despite all my research I still learned a lot.  After implementing the new program with my boys for just a couple of weeks, I saw some big changes.  Isaac starting creeping (we’d waited 15 months for this!), going over 30 meters the second day, even though he had only once or twice even gotten on his hands and knees.  His brother had my jaw dropped when he carried correctly by himself on all of his math problems one day – a huge change for him.  Yeah, we’re making progress!  He also asked some deeper questions that showed some real social maturity gains. :o)  Isaac is pulling himself up a lot more, too, and continuing with his swim lessons and reading program.  When he’s not crawling, eating or hugging, he’s usually reading books!

So, if you know anyone with challenges, whether autism, psychological, learning, genetic, ADD/ADHD, memory, stroke, cerebal palsy, etc., you might want to pray about looking into The Family Hope Center’s program.  They do not diagnose/label, but access your child (or teach you how to) and develop a program to organize/grow the brain as much as possible.  They deal with the root causes, actually causing change, not just using techniques to compensate or get around the disability.  They teach you how to implement the program at home, and their success rate is over 90%.  Here’s the link:

Also, a neurodevelopmental program would be similar, but not as much time invested, and not as much teaching for the parents (in my experience).  Here’s the link to ICAN (International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists):  You can look for ICAN members by state, to find someone near you.  We were with Hope and a Future ( for 1.5 years and were happy with their services, but wanted something more intense to see even faster progress.  But this is an excellent option, especially for children who are in school, and therefore have less time at home to work on the program.

God made the brain so amazing, and it can heal and change.  Of course, we have to work hard, but He gets the credit. :o)


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